Using a Custom port other than port 443 to access remote

Port 443. 15 likes. Security Minded Solutions. Port 443 is on Facebook. To connect with Port 443, join Facebook today. Run IIS Express on Port 443 Using SSL and Wildcard Subdomains Run IIS Express on Port 443 Using SSL and Wildcard Subdomains . 04 November, 2014. In this post I tackle running a website using wildcard subdomains over HTTPS and SSL all using just IISExpress. If you have a multi-tenancy app, or rather an application that uses a wildcard subdomain to identify a user or dynamic subsite, then you may have run Nov 08, 2019 · Port 443 also enables websites to be available over both HTTP and HTTPS. Most websites are configured to work with HTTPS over port 443, but if it isn’t available for some reason, the website will still be live over HTTPS on port 80. In the past, not every web browser supported HTTPS, meaning it wasn’t universally accessible.

A port must be available for the middleware to redirect an insecure request to HTTPS. If no port is available: Redirection to HTTPS doesn't occur. The middleware logs the warning "Failed to determine the https port for redirect." Specify the HTTPS port using any of the following approaches: Set HttpsRedirectionOptions.HttpsPort.

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